Introducing Vanadis™ NIPT

Don’t amplify. Simplify.

Existing NIPT technologies require a complex DNA sequencing or microarray process that is both time-consuming and data-intensive. Vanadis NIPT will remove this step entirely. By using a proprietary enzymatic sample preparation to create and quantify fluorescent DNA objects, our solution will eliminate the need for both DNA sequencing and PCR amplification to reduce the cost and complexity of screening for aneuploidies.

Fully automated prenatal screening

Thanks to an automated workflow, the technology will enable any laboratory to install and run a complete high-performance NIPT system. The Vanadis platform will process the entire test – from sample to result – with minimal intervention from laboratory technicians. As a result, laboratories can perform high-quality prenatal screening without the need to send samples to reference laboratories.

More women served

Vanadis NIPT enables all pregnant women to receive reliable and accurate cellfree DNA based screenings through a method that is far more cost-efficient for healthcare providers. By simplifying and decentralizing the screening process, it allows more laboratories and physicians to provide the vital information that every woman deserves.

Vanadis™ NIPT is under development. The system does notconform to 98/79 EC In Vitro Diagnostic Medical device directive and cannot beplaced on the market or put into service in EU until they have been made tocomply.

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